Blogger Spotlight: Becca of The Fashion-Train

    Hello beautiful people! Today I want to introduce to you one of my blogger inspirations, Becca of the Fashion-Train. I remember when I first started blogging and I couldn't wait to indulge in a new post from the Fashion-Train. I would look forward to Becca's personal style posts and her High Street Picks for my weekly fashion fix. I always admired Becca's knack for keeping up with a posting schedule and the quality of her images inspired me to try and develop better quality photos for myself. Now, enough of my fan girling, lets get down to the nitty gritty as I explain what blogging habits makes Becca's blog so addictive, engaging and entertaining.

     The Fashion-Train is stocked with lifestyle, beauty and personal style posts and enough wishlists to tempt you into sinking your entire check into an online shopping spree. Besides the array of post topics Becca targets, Becca's blog has many of the ingredients necessary to build a strong platform.Becca's blogging style is downright admirable from maintaining consistent content, staying true to her brand and maintaining a recognizable blogging voice.

       Speaking of Becca's blogging voice this reminds me of my Positive Blogging Mantras post I did earlier this week. During the post I explain that you should feel comfortable, confident and good about what you're blogging about before even drafting a post, because your energy can reflect in your content. Becca's content is always buzzing with positivity, you can tell she really enjoys blogging which makes you as a reader, just as excited to partake in her blog.

    Make sure you give Becca's blog a look! One of my new favorite posts of her's is live right now it's her Pretty Little Thing Wishlist and make sure you give this informative one a look, about Picking the Proper Fashion Degree. Let me know in the comment section any new blogs you've been reading, what do you reccommend?