Bloggers using Photoshop has been a source of controversy for quite some time. Many people consider the use of Photoshop in the fashion blogging world as deceptive and it takes away from the realism that tends to draw people to blogging in the first place. Others have stood up for the select bloggers who partake in Photoshop stating that their fashion blog is their own personal platform and they can do with it what they wish. While we acknowledge that bloggers all have the right to exercise the personal freedom of editing their images, does this mean the way we perceive blogging should change? I decided the best way to further this discussion is through asking a few fashion bloggers of their point of view on Photoshop usage.
  1.  Photoshop has been on the edge of everyone’s tongues lately in reference to Photoshop. Do you consider the use of Photoshop common use or taboo in the fashion blogging world?
  2.       Do you believe that fashion bloggers should take the responsibility if their readers develop a distorted perception of them when they use Photoshop?
  3. Does Photoshop compromise the realism involved in fashion blogging or is that element small in comparison to what most readers look forward to in a fashion blog?
  4. What would you consider “too much” Photoshop and do you believe this affects the quality of a fashion blog’s content?
  5.   Would you participate in any Photoshop practices?

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