Whether you're starting school in high school or at a university one thing is for sure, you're going to need good shoes! The fall is settling in and those flip flops are doing the job they used to. Here are a few tips for shopping for the perfect pair of back to school kicks.

  • Comfort is a necessity when buying these shoes. You're at school, you're going to be on your feet traveling from class to class, now is not the time to squeeze into those pumps that are really cute but you know are a half a size too small so you  keep thinking they'll stretch but they don't.You'll be sitting there in a desk or at a table with someone lecturing you for who knows how long, wearing comfortable shoes is not only a gift to yourself but it's a requirement to stay sane.

  • Have a reasonable price range for shoes in mind. We all know you want to go back to school looking nice and feeling good but don't break the bank for one fall semester. Don't spend all of your refund check on two pairs of shoes because you figured it would pay off in the long run, it won't, you'll be sitting there with two nice pairs of shoes but no extra money for things like lunch,pencils or notebooks. Identify a price range that fits with your budget.The most I'll pay for a good pair of shoes is about 50 dollars, and this pair of shoes is going to balance itself out when you apply the price per wear method. How many times you wear the shoe and for how long you keep it should balance out with the price you paid for your shoes in the first place. Sneakers2

  • Buy something cute that you won't mind slipping on at the drop of a hat.We understand that school is primarily about academics and staying goal-minded but you can be ambitious and fashionable at the same time.Make sure whatever you buy you specifically feel good wearing. Conquer this school year with some confidence in a pair of shoes you actually like.
Sneakers 3

   I hope you enjoyed these three quick tips for shoe buying supremacy! Now go forth, hunt down that perfect pair of slide ons or sneakers and make the hallway a runway!


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  1. My granddaughter was born to a closet full of clothes, a toy box full of toys and, forty-two pairs of shoes. Everyone talks about pending baby births with happiness and excitement as they await the arrival. When it is a girl, in our 'have' society, we focus on the many, many cute items that can be purchased, much more so than for boys. It has two pairs of shoes?


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