I was scrolling through Shop Style when I fell upon one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson. My affection for the colorful designer goes way back, I remember doing a presentation on Betsey Johnson my freshman year of college. I can still remember the feel of the wooden podium underneath my sweaty palms, although I was nervous I felt myself shake free of the nerves so I can speak fearlessly about this brave woman.
  Johnson's presence is full of life she's known for finishing her runway shows with doing some level of gymnastics and ending in a crowd pleasing split(it's her signature). Johnson infuses her energy into her work and as a result she has a lot of quirky, exciting and brilliants designs that please the more playful fashionista's style aesthetic(like myself).
    If you ever catch yourself feeling like your wardrobe is boring or you need a statement I would suggest getting inspired by some of these designs. The designs are bright with color and print, some of them bring back childhood memories like the telephone bag above(remember having a landline and risking having the phone cord accidentally pulled out of the socket if you walked off too far).These pieces just put me in a better mood, to remember that there are still more fun,animated aspects of fashion being produced in this minimalist loving movement we're currently embracing. What do you like to do to add more fun to fashion? Do you blog about fun fashion elements, do you like searching for fun fashion facts and sharing them? What part of fashion comes off the most fun to you, let me know in the comment section below!

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