How to Look and Feel Good on the First Day of School

      You've gone over your checklist a million times, you've printed out two different class schedules and bookmarked one of them online on your phone just in case you lose both of them. You have everything you need for class tucked away neatly in your bag.Your outfit which has been revised over a thousand times sits hung up on your garment rack in front of your bed.You've checked the weather on three different stations but decide to bring an umbrella regardless just in case. You are prepared, in fact, you're more than prepared you've planned out every second of the day before it even happens and're still nervous.
  It's your first day in high school maybe your first day at a university, regardless you're about to embark on something fresh and new. Regardless of how informed you are, how prepped, how well you dressed, it's natural to feel anxiety about something new.The nerves come with every new experience so get used to it beautiful. The best way to handle the nerves is to be confident in your ability to handle whatever happens.
  Confidence is key to looking good and feeling good for when you go back to school .You'll come into contact with a lot new things in one day such as a syllabus that is about as thick as a book and a bunch of new requirements you're not familiar with, but let me tell you this:

  1. You're not the first person to embark on a new school day in a new environment, in fact, you're probably one of many people in your class who are handling this new experience so don't feel alone.
  2. You're going to make mistakes because you're human and you don't know it all. It is not the end of the world if you're late to one of your classes or you get a little lost on campus. Calm down, it's just the first day.The first day is the learning process and your teachers know this, hell, your teachers have probably been through it themselves.
  3. Smile and say hi to whoever you want to speak to. You don't have to give anyone your attention that you don't want to and you don't have to shut yourself down either, Be as social as you want or don't want, this is a personal decision you get to make.
  4. Stop comparing your outfit to everyone else's. As much as we on She Has The Eye believe that personal style and fashion can affect your self-esteem(which is why we always want you to embrace your own personal style whether it goes against the grain or not), underneath it all it's your inner being you should focus on in school. School is ultimately about your education.You are there to better yourself and to gain something intangible, who cares if the girl in front of you has on cuter shoes, you're not in the classroom for that beloved.
  These four tips should help you take some of the pressure off which will reflect in your demeanor.Remember you're not the only new kid, believe in yourself, be kind, pay attention in class and you've already one the battle.