The future is quickly approaching and it's ruining my blog writing process. You might be wondering"why do you have a problem with the future all of a sudden?". I'm coming to terms with the fact that I have approximately 2-3 semesters left of college before I get my associates degree and then I'm officially a graduate.
   A graduate who needs a graduate job, with a graduate wage, who does adult graduate like things. Once I graduate it will probably mean that either this blog steps up into monetization or it gets put down altogether to focus on other things. I don't want to graduate and let this blog go, but I know for a fact that once I graduate my priorities need to start changing.
   I always thought that in a few years time, my blog will have built an average sized audience of maybe 200 followers, steady traffic and at least somewhat of  a steady system of monetization but it hasn't.Don't get me wrong, I don't really care about blog numbers but I consider blog goals to be healthy if done right. My blog's goals' are more along the lines of an outline to my blogger dreams, but not the mission of my blog. My blog's mission is to be a source of fun fashion inspiration, that promotes healthy self-esteem and confidence while also celebrating the individual differences of personal style. 
       One thing I've never wanted my blog to be is  forced, forced blogs are never fun. Forced blogs lack a pulse, they're cold and dead and cluttered with spam links! I want my blog to be fun, professional, monetized but still have a heart beat! I've been looking at all of my social media accounts and getting a migraine trying to develop a social media marketing plan that links to popularization, monetization but keeps my blog's brand unique, warm and human.
   Blogging hasn't been the most fun this past week and it's all my fault. I'm squeezing the life out of my own blogging process out of fear for the future. I've currently been facing a self destructive habit of getting ready to blog but then over thinking about the best quality content that will express,entertain and engage. Overthinking has left me frozen, but that ends now.
     Allowing fear to freeze me into paralysis is one of the most unproductive things I could possibly do. I'm going to go through a cleansing process before blogging. I'm going to remove the pressure from the blogging process. I'm not going to think about the future, I'm not going to rush myself. I'm going to allow my writing and posting process to be as orgnic as possible. I'm going to invest a little time each day to developing my social media marketing plan, INSTEAD of trying to develop everything all at once!
  She Has The Eye will not be trapped in my own self imposed fear of the future, besides I don't want to let you guys down because of my personal issues. I'm going to push through this fear and still create genuine content because this is what I love to do, and because of that love I will find a way to make everything work out. This blog is about me and YOU, its about us and our growth as whole community to share inspiration and encouragement to our fellow fashion enthusiasts, who am I to throw in the towel because I'm afraid to face things that haven't even happened yet?!
  I'm keeping this blog alive and I hope you guys will continue to rock with me along to the sound of its heart beat :)

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