Positive Blog Related Mantras

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 I decided to share with you guys my blog related, positive mantras I've been reciting before creating blog content. The first of my mantras are below as follows:
  1. I am a natural born creative, my imaginative thoughts serve me for my greater good.
  2. My opinion is valid and I have a right to occupy this space.
  3. My ideas are original and important.
  4. My blog's notoriety is progressing at it's own specific speed and is like no other.
  5. My blog is unique, because I am unique and there is no other me in the world.
  6. My blog is my creative space where I have the freedom to write about what I want.
  7. I am confident in my content's ability to entertain. 
  8. My blogging dreams are worthy, valid and possible.
  9. I am unafraid to shamelessly share my blog, I am proud of my creation.
  10. My blog is worthy of my time, money and investments.
    These are just 10 of my positive blog related mantras. I like to affirm and commit to having a confident, positive energy before I blog so I can maintain my motivation to add any edits or finishing touches to my posts. Do you guys believe in having positive mantras? What's one positive mantra you'd recite before writing a blog post? Let me know in the comments below.