Have you ever had a desire to go shopping but just didn't know quite what to get? It's like, you know you need something new, something inspiring, something exciting but you lack the motivation to find it let alone identify what it is exactly. I've had those shopping urges but because I was busy or stressed I dismissed this possible retail therapy relief because I was consistently uninspired. Well, I found shopping motivaton in the form of YouTube content creator and blogger Yanin Namasonthi of the blog and YouTube channel Idressmyselff.
  Yanin's style is minimalist, clean and chic and her recent July Outfits video, really got me ready to go shopping. I think what motivated me the most was her romper look. Besides the outfits themselves, make sure you get an eye full of the way she accessorizes her ring collection in my personal dream come true( and you guys know I'm a jewelry junkie).I love the simplicity going on in this lookbook and I'm sure you will to.

Below I have an entire ShopStyle set inspired by Yanin's July Outfit video if you wanna check it out! By the way let me know in the comment section who's the latest YouTuber you've subscribed to lately.

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