Style Essential Series Part 5

We're disccussing the latest style essential in the form of the little black dress! The little black dress comes in handy in practically every occasion. You can wear a little black dress to breakfast, lunch and dinner and I decided to show you how below:
The Occassions

The Occassions by deejaystyles featuring black flats

There's an LBD for every fashion dilemma, it just takes an eye for creativity to make it your own and give it life. Besides, the best accessory for this simple staple is confidence! You must be confident in your LBD, recognize that you are cloacked in the grace of midnight and you're fierce enough to scare off that things that go bump in the dark,
Do you think the LBD is a staple if not, why? Let me know what you consider a style staple and why in the comment section!