School is expensive, intense and sometimes downright stressful but here's one thing you can tick off your list of stressers: picking out a cute bag. We're going to help you find the perfect bag that is both big enough for your things and cute enough to wear even if you're not at school. A few questions I ask myself before purchasing a new bag for school are:

A. How much room is the bag really offering?Sometimes a bag looks large on the outside but on the inside the room is taken up by unnecessary material and it appears to have the reverse Mary Poppins effect #wth.

B.How many compartments do I need and how many is this bag offering? Sometimes we like to have secret compartments to keep our phone, chapstick or really important things like..HEADPHONES!

C. Is this color versatile for my wardrobe?You might be thinking the easy thing to do is go out and get a black bag and call it a day. Black is versatile but look at the specific color scheme to your wardrobe if you notice you have a style that's more pastel oriented or you've been drawn to more darker vamper tones, then you an get away with grabbing a different colored bag outside of the safety of black or brown.

Now that you're done interviewing the back,sit back, relax and enjoy this gorgeous gallery.

  Whenever I do posts of this nature I like to make sure I accomodate everyone. There's something above for the girl who's just not over Summer yet in the form of that minty green little number, there's something else for the girl who just can't move on from the holographic trend and something for the bohemian goddess who's in love with fringe detail.
   My personal favorite is between the pastel pink Talbots bag and the lavendar/gray/pewter number by Neiman Marcus. Do you see a possible fave above and don't fear there's more when you hit that arrow on the side of this widget.Let me know in the comment section if you see anything you love and why you think it's a perfect fit for you.

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