Summer Statement Jewelry Pieces Under 25 Dollars on ShopStyle!

    I love these kinds of "under 25 dollars" fashion posts solely because I love a good deal and I'm a broke college student so good deals are VITAL! So I was balling on a budget via the internet when I ran into Shop Style and I was like "holy crap, I need to share this, I neeed to share this awesomeness". What better way to share the awesomness than to do a great big ole blog post about this epic website.
   Shop Style is like the megamall for online shopping. There are sooo many different brands and stores to shop from and they have some awesome shopping filters so you can quickly target specifically what you want without being overwhelmed by the mass of products being offered. If you're currently on a shopping ban, checking out this site is really going to exercise your will power(or your bank account if you're weak on will).I'm sitting here looking at the site as we speak checking out bralets in one tab and rompers in the other trying to figure out which look I'm going for my birthday look! Now that I'm done explaining what Shop Style is, allow me to explain what the Shop Style Collective is.
   The Shop Style Collective is an affiliate program that content creators like myself can use to monetize their influence. You guys know how I share my favorite pieces or what style trends I'm interested in with you, well now when I share with you using the Shop Style Collective I can make a little cash at the same time.I promise, I will never trick you into checking out something or buying something I wouldn't purchase myself, so with all honestly when I say I'm obsessed with Shop Style I mean, I'M OBSESSED WITH SHOP STYLE lol. Now that I'm done introducing you to my new love, allow me to share with you some kick ass jewelry deals.
   You guys know I'm obsessed with jewelry, I just did a blog post about golden bib necklaces and it was such a satisfying article to write! So when I started running into jewelry pieces that were below 25 dollars, that were also great quality, you know I lost my head!