Sweater weather is descending as the leaves change color and fall wraps us up in chilly winds. Most people(myself included) have every intention of burying themselves in their favorite chunky sweater and and calling it a day.Now just because we are surrendering to a uniform composed of leggings and oversized sweaters that doesn't mean our style has to become boring.
  We want you to be bold and striking in your sweater oriented looks, so lets make these sweater oriented looks editorial.

Look1 by deejaystyles featuring costume jewelry

If you want to switch up your sweater looks why not play with the fit of the sweater by taking a little interest in some off the shoulder numbers or stay wrapped up in a cowl neck.

Textured by deejaystyles featuring blue skinny jeans

Looking for sweaters with specific different kinds of textures being incorporated can help build visual interest in your outfit. From cable knit to fluffy, sweaters are diverse in color and texture, so let take advantage of this diversity!
Look 3: The Cut

Look 3: The Cut by deejaystyles featuring a boho necklace

I know what you're thinking a crop sweater in the winter?! Don't fret, these sweater are awesome fall additions and you maybe able to pull one off in the winter with the appropriate layers(ie. a cami underneath and a thick coat on top).
Have I missed any sweater looks? Are you feeling inspired? Leave a comment below if you have any sweater oriented looks in mind to try this fall and winter or let me know which look above is your favorite, feel free to shop my Shop Style Widget for any sweaters that may have peaked your interest. I hope you all enjoyed your first day back to school and if you haven't gone back yet best of luck beautiful!

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