Wearing an all red look says something about the kind of person who steps out in such a bold shade. 

For one, it's assumed that a person in an all red looks doesn't mind the kind of attention the color garners, that this person is fearless and gets a rise out of making a statement. Most importantly the kind of person who wear an all red look...has no intention of dealing with Kool-Aid man references!
    The all red look has been done with chicness, hotness, grace in an androgynous way in a feminine way and sometimes a mix of of each of them.

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       Red is typically for romance, passion and sometimes for rage. This color can easily be manipulated in many different directions so we tried a mixture of elements in the look below.

Red is Winning by deejaystyles featuring a canvas painting

Red is Winning

I wanted this look to say: bold,strong and sexy. The form fitting, bright red skirt is serving all the boldness you'll ever need while the strappiness of the heels is about sexiness and when you put those two qualities together you get undeniable strength.
Will you be wearing any all red looks to express the strength inside of you? What do you associate bright red tones with, let me know in the comment section!

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