Okay guys, so you might have seen a few  posts ago that I've been doing research and tracking my Instagram page in an attempt to build traffic. My social media accounts have been struggling since I've gotten back from my hiatus.I lost a lot of followers and likes all over the place since I disappeared from the blogging world so I decided to pick only certain accounts to build a following on and work from there. One platform in particular that I've been working on is my Instagram account.
   I've been trying to brand my Instagram account as of late as an extension of this blog, featuring some posts that just didn't quite make the cut as a main topic on this blog. My flat lay experiments and Polyvore articles on bralets or denim, I've been treating my Instagram account like a many magazine of fashion inspiration and tips and hopefully as my following grows this will redirect any Instagram interest into my brand as a whole. I've seen an increase of attention and followers on my Instagram as well, I've begun searching through more hashtags, liking and commenting and also posting more high quality pictures. In addition to my geting more active on the platform I've been weighing my stats!I use Iconosquare to look at my stats and check this out 
I'm pretty happy with this number seeing as how I only started actively pursuing an audience on Instagram about a month ago. I feel like if I can keep up with this and maintain the habits I'm developing on Instagram I'll quickly be at 200 followers before the end of the year!

Here are just a few of my SHTE Daily Instagram Articles, let me know in the comment section what you think!

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