Picture editing is very critical for a blogger. We need aesthetically pleasing pictures so they can get shared to websites like Pinterest or Weheartit to build traffic to our websites, don't we? A properly edited image can mean a lot between the lines of internet viral greatness and an okay post.
  Not all of us are blessed with the budgets for Photoshop and a DSLR camera, so when I'm on the go and want to get my picture ready for the masses this is what I use to edit them.
  1. Afterlight is an app you can find in the Google Play store for about a dollar to use. I started using it for it's subtle filters but I also like all the different editing features from saturation, highlight and hue to bring the best out of my picture as possible.
  2. PicArt is easy to use and I love it for its simplicity and shape mask feature.The shape mask feature allows you to add a shape over your picture or to shape the picture itself to whatever format you want from triangle, to a large flower. I have an example below.The shape mask has a lot of variety and it's pretty fun to use from time to time.

  3.Pixlr express has awesome features from filters, masks and I really like their vibrance option. My Instagram page is filled with bright, lush color so I like to make sure they're pretty vibrant.

        Now that I've discussed where I like to edit my photos, I'm going to share with you three photo platforms that I like to share them to with the intention of sending traffic from that image to my blog.

1. Pinterest is an incredible place to share your images. All it takes is one viral Pinterest image to blow up on the platform currently used by 70 million world wide to upgrade your blog's traffic.

2. Instagram is a great place to share your images because you can tag any brands that are involved in the picture. Sometimes these brands see the image and act as a collaboration of sorts by reposting the image on their page which in turn they will tag you in sending any of their followers to take a look at your page.
 3. Weheartit is an image sharing site all about inspiration and discovery. Depending on your demographic this platform can prove amazing for your traffic, you just have to make sure you link your blog to the image and use the description option to put the source. I'm currently using this platform to test out the quality and how well the picture fairs among those who use the platform before I go sharing it elsewhere, you can check out my collection of original images below
 Let me know in the comment section if there any platforms or apps you use for blog picture awesomeness!

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