This Week on We Heart It

    We Heart It is an image based social media network about sharing images, getting inspired and discovery.I'm an avid user and have had an account way back when I first started blogging several years ago.What keeps me coming back to We Heart It after all these years is the discovery factor. There's something about discovering a new collection or feed via We Heart It that's exciting and fun. It's like you happen to come across this awesome page, blogger,musician or artist by chance through a series of searches and WHAM, greatness happen A lot of the fashion bloggers I follow now on Blog Lovin was a result of me following the source link to an image I found on We Heart It.
  Now that I've explained why We Heart It is so awesome, now I feel comfortable enough to share with you just how much I use it. Below are my latest hearts(well a few):
    This platform is perfect for procrastination and style inspiration. I used to spend hours recreating the select looks I'd find on We Heart It.I can imagine pulling a little inspiration from this site during the back to school season, to come back with a fresh look.
  Will you be checking out We Heart It? Make sure to give my page and collections a look if you check out the site and I'll gladly follow back :)

*All image credits belong to the owners which can be found through the source, if you see any image you'd like taken down of yourself contact me at and it will be removed immediately.*