This week on We Heart It: The Lessons

  My week on Weheart It has been a bit exciting, I recently shared a few of this blog's original images where some of them have reached semi-viral status. It's the first time I ever saw one of my images gain this level of popularity and I know it's considerably small for a lot of bigger bloggers, but I'm proud of the progress my photos are making. The photos that have gained a bit of popularity are below:

    What I've learned from this process is that sometimes you have to invest a bit more in your craft so you can see a difference in response from your audience.You need to know your audience thoroughly to better serve them your content in a neatly packaged way. So as I pick out my blog's images, I'm going to start pulling tips away from each of the most popular images, to weigh what sells and what doesn't.
  The first image I noticed that gained popularity was this one:
It's a simple flatlay with my shoes and a white background then it hit me, sometimes the simplicity of the image is more than enough. I have a tendency tp over edit and to apply more than what's necessary to compensate for my lack of photoshop but that's not necessary. People respond to minimalism.

The second image that I noticed gained popularity is below:
Yet again this is a simple photo with decent lighting a color scheme of beige, brown and denim. The color scheme is what's visually selling this picture and I'll definitely keep that in mind for my future posts.
You have to allow the colors to operate with one another, we're seeing a collaboration of pigmented red, bright yellow and a pop of blue not a competition of those colors.
Ultimately from my We Heart It response I learned that my most popular images will be:
  1. Over editing is a big no no.
  2. People respond to simplicity better than overdoing it.
  3. Pay attention to your color scheme by making sure the colors collaborate instead of compete.
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