Welcome to the Style Essential Series!

  Hello beautiful people, I'm happy to introduce the Style Essential Series. I briefly announced this series on my Instagram @shehastheeye but I wanted to formally bring it to your attention.We will be targetting a style essential everyday until next Wednesday, August 12th in appreciation to these basics that help lay the foundation for a great look. I hope this series will help inspire and develop a new appreciation for the simple pieces in our closets. Often when you're a fashion enthusiast we get caught up in constantly building our wardrobe instead of remixing what's already there. This series is so we can rework what we already own and save a little money in the process.
    The first style essential is the cami! The simple cami is often used as a layering piece but in the looks below they're taking center stage.
The Cami

I can't wait for you guys to check out tomorrow's style essential, feel free to shop some essentials below as well!