When was the last time you purchased some makeup online? You bought this tube of lipstick or blush online without ever having seen it up close or swatching it on your skin. Something about this product was just so enchanting you risked picking out the wrong shade and bought it anyway.What is it about certain cosmetic brands that defy our logical minds?
Really think about the last time you've seen Colour Pop in stores, because I've never seen Colour Pop anywhere other than YouTube and Instagram. You've never had aany Colour Pop cosmetics matched with your specific skin tone but they have swatches on varying skintones on their website and Instagram, but what did Colour Pop do to drive attention to their Instagram and website in the first place?  
Perhaps it's:
1. Packaging
2. Customer Reviews
3. Branding itself along with a specific image that a broad enough audience identifies with
4. Combing back with new products, consistently

These tips can easily be applicable to the marketing plan of your blog with few adjustments, so you can sell your blog to readers without ever having met them in real life.

1. Packaging for a cosmetic brand is the same thing as a good layout for a blog. You have to have a decent blog theme that's aethetically pleasing before some indulges in the content. Regardless of the kind of theme your layout has is irrelveant, what's important is consistency. If you go for a more editorial, minimalist black and white theme then it needs to be consistently black and white.
Don't start off with italicized Times New Roman everywhere and then suddenly there's random bits of Comic Sans riddled everywhere.
2. Customer reviews from bloggers and YouTubers have a massive impact on whether a product gets a lot of love or a lot of hate. Having the right people sharing your blog and collaborating with people who target the same audience as you, doubles your influence.
3. Figure out what image, what content you want to produce for what kind of audience.Is your audience primarily all about fashion inspiration, does your audience have an obsession with shoes? Ask these kinds of questions so you can produce content to serve them directly and keep them coming back.
4. Last but certainly not least, producing new content consistently is what keeps customers interested and coming back. Every season there's a new makeup trend or color taking us all by force, but what brands do to stand out is to keep up with the trends while also putting their on spin on them! As a blogger keeping up with the latest news and trends is important but originality is just as important because it's one thing to keep up with the crowd and another to blend in.

Essentially our blogs are kind of like our products(which are also our babies) so somtimes approaching how we share our blog has to be done in a more business manner. Do you think having a more business approach to blogging is necessary or does it take the fun out of blogging? Leave a comment below so I can hear from you or tweet me @shehastheeye! 

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