Wearing dark colors for fall in the fashion world is essentially this:

 We all know that as the weather gets colder our clothes get darker and reporting it as a hot new trend is not only cliche` but obvious. The thing is, I'm not reporting about oxblood, I'm appreciating it. I'm appreciating this dark shade for all that it was, is and will be.

Oxblood will be making it's come back very soon this fall like it does every year,This vampy, dark shade is all about edginess,dark romance, and our descend into colder weather.It can be easy to overlook this seasonal classic. Often we recognize well-known trends as outdated, but I don't think trends go out of style I think a trend's popularity loses steam, there's a difference.
Ox by deejaystyles featuring Burberry

If you're attached to one particular trend that doesn't mean you forsake it because someone else deems it old. Who cares that oxblood for fall is an old trend, it's well practiced for a reason. 

Reason #1:  The warm undertone of the oxblood shade complements the equally warm hue of gold jewelry, which means you can wear your favorite gold pieces throughout the fall instead of putting them away after the spring and summer.
Reason #2: Oxblood totebags are a gift from the pop of color Gods. Imagine your all black outfit being given more edge with a subtle wine or oxblood accessory thrown in, can you say queen of the damned realness?

Reason #3: Oxblood is a neutral so feel free to experiment with this shade. The neutrality of this color allows for many different color combination in a look, so feel free to get creative.

Oxblood has been a favorite fall trend of mine for years and it was fun sharing my love for this color with you all. I don't care if wearing this color during the fall is considered cliche` because my style is my own and I can do what I want with it, just like we all can.

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