Is there a such thing as being to sweet to be chic? We all are currently in a mature relationship with none other than minimalism, the simplistic trend of whites, greys and other forms of neutral, so where does a trend like pastel even fit? This light hearted shade has no place in the editorial world of the minimalist lover, it definitely doesn't fit with the protocol of fall fashion which consists of dark shades of burgandy, thick midnight cloaked motorcycle jackets and gold studded ankle boots curtesy of a subconsious desire to look like a rockstar.Although the pastel trend seems to have everything going against it, none the less, did this trend become a force of its own making.

 Pastel fashion seemed like a cute trend that emerged from the late winter/early spring phase in the form of light blue faux leather jackets and cotton candy tights. We all fell for this sugary sweet trend and eventually we fell out when the weather got warmer and our desire for more powerful, strong colors came to a head.Although this brief fancy with pastel shades was bitersweet its come back with a vengeful heart bent on taking over.
  I've been taking out my pastel fashion frustrations on Pinterest with this latest board, feel free to check it out:
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Now that we're done discussing Pinterest expressed fashion frustrations, lets get into the nitty gritty.
Pastel fashion has come back and given us a few reasons why it's not going away this time:
  1. The pastel shades are always a great contrast to edgier pieces, for an interesting look.
  2. These pieces speak to our sweeter more feminine side which is fun to tap into during a season that tends to obsess over oxblood,burgandy and midnight tones this time of year(fall ring any bells).
  3. Pastel shades are youthful and an easy way to add some fun to your look.
Are you ready for the bonus two?
  1. Pastel pink is a great alternative to the blush trend if you're not a fan of the more fleshy counterpart.
  2. Pastel shades are a great piece to pull out on those less exciting,dreary weather days. Stepping out on rainy day in a pastel oriented color blocked look is sure to change your mood(walking around looking like a piece of candy always changes mine).
  Is pastel speaking to you like it's been speaking to us, feel free to check out the Shop Style Collective widget below and we can continue the conversation on Twitter or in the comment section below!
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