Fluidity has always been a quality you can find circulating in the fashion industry, no style rules are made of stone.Personal style shape shifts to each person with a different meaning, different purpose with different origins, this diversity provokes the birth of different personal style goals.

My most recent personal style goal is to find accessories that tell a story. Interesting pieces that speak for themselves and draw upon my creative side.I want my jewelry pieces to be the muse for my looks and to inspire me.

 Now where do you find these inspirational, imagination provoking pieces? Do you find them at some boutique in Paris, maybe at some thrift store in New York, or maybe after digging up half your backyard in search of the buried treasure? Finding these pieces are actually the easy part of your jewel search, I've found that when looking for these kinds of pieces the best thing to do is to look with an open mind. You might think you need to go to an antique shop in a far away place that looks like something out of a Goosebumps novel, but sometimes these pieces are right under your nose.
I've found some exceptional pieces in the most unexpected places from Kmart to the checkout line at my local Salvation Army.

Once you've let go of the idea that your next epic piece has to be from some high end store or found at the bottom of a an old jewelry box in a descrete thrift store, you're opening up the opportunities to find greatness anywhere.If you want to open the door for a more diverse style that tells your own unique story you have to be open to dissovling the style rules of the past.

Where was the last placed you shopped and fun an unexpected gem? It feels pretty awesome finding pieces that speak to you and in turn will speak for you, even though you weren't trying to find them in the place, kind of like fate meeting with fashion. Let me know how you feel on this manner by hitting me up on Twitter or in the comment section!

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