The first style rule I learned was that your outfit should match. Match your shoes with your belt, match your bag with your shirt, match it all together and suddenly you're chic.Monochromatic elements were huge with my family and even as I got older it followed me through all of my style phases and rebellion.
Since I come from a more matchy matchy background the idea of mixing prints alluded me. Spots with stripes? Plaid and houndstooth? What is this purposeful clashing, how do you mash these completely different elements together and yet still look high fashion? I still haven't mastered the art of mixing prints and decided to leave that to you print loving goddesses with your elaborately beautiful eccentricities.

As time goes on playing the matchy matchy game became BORING. I started heading more towards minimalism in my attempt of getting out of the red with red, blue with blue life and started mixing more red, white and black or beige and more warm tones. I headed towards neutral city to start playing up other elements I didn't know were available to me. 

As I'm still experimenting with other elements to build up my personal style portfulio who knows what I'll discover as I move away from the personal style patterns I was born into.Were you born into the matchy matchy way of dressing like me? Are you an involuntary member of the matchy matchy army? Let me know in the comment section below if you've ever felt frustrated by the style tips you've inherited?

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