When was the last time you invested in a good makeup bag that you actually liked? I don't mean the makeup bag that doubles as a Ziploc bag, I mean the makeup bag that makes you smile when you see it. There's no reason your makeup bag can't have some personality.

                                                          Image via @shehastheeye  Instagram

 The makeup bag holds some of your most personal items why not apply a little bit more of yourself into it, but investing in a bag with some print, color or perhaps a new texture. Check out the handy dandy ShopStyle widget below to get inspired:
   Adding a little personality or character to even things as small as the makeup bag can make a difference, trust me.I've never been a fan of school but the idea of purchasing fun notebooks and cute graphic folders always took some of the sting out. Do you think it helps to add that extra touch to even the little things, or is it a waste of time, comment below or tweet me!

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