Fashion like many other creative industries dance on that line of artful expression and business. Sometimes certain products are put into place out of commercialism and sometimes you might find certain things standing out in a magazine or film in the name of symbolism.
There's nothing like recognizing the strength behind a well placed symbol.Film analyst can take one simply object seen repeatedly, or in certain scenes of importance in a film and reveal the strategy behind having such a symbol put into place at the time and why. The amount of attention paid to all the symbols reveal that even the smallest details can have the most impact. Today we;re going to take a look at some style symbols that played pivital roles in a film, specifically a film's jewelry placement.

Film No. 1
Breakfast at Tiffany's is centered around Holly Golightly, the beautiful "American Geisha", as described by Truman Capote, the writer of the novel. Golightly is living a seemingly glamorous life but it is quickly revealed that Golightly is a working girl with hopes of getting enough money to support her brother Fred when he comes home from war.I don't want to spoil the entire film, but the scene where we're first introduced to this enchanting character is where we witness the grand, dramatic necklace you can see below. This large necklace is clearly representative of the boldness of Golightly's personality and the beauty of the necklace fits right in with the alter ego Golightly has created.

Film No. 2 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a Disney cartoon film featuring a young man named Milo who has inherited his late grandfather's affections for discovery. Milo wants to prove the existence of Atlantis and show the world the truth of what his grandfather believed in.One of Milo's grandfather's old friends sponsor his voyage to look for Atlantis and supplies him with a team. After some trial and error they find the majestic land of Atlantis and quickly run into the Atlanteans. Each of the Atlanteans can be scene wearing a raw gemstone, one in particular is worn by the princess and heir to the throne,Kida. Kida is a lively, powerful young woman with a love for her people and culture. Kida is seen wearing a raw gemstone necklace that turns out to hold an incredible energy filled with enough power to give life back to her once thriving civilization.

 Film No.2 The Titanic

Okay, so I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the Titanic. What I noticed about the Titanic and this precious necklace is that Jack(Rose's love) is branded a theif after this necklace is found in the coat pocket he was "borrowing". At the end of the film the necklace is shown again in Rose's possession and she drops it in the ocean. The necklace is strategically named the Heart of the Ocean.I believe there is a lot of symbolism behind her dropping the necklace in the ocean. She let the Heart of the Ocean go, as she had to let go of her love Jack.

Film No. 3 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes we are introduced to Lorelai and Dorothy, showgirls who are looking for love. Lorelai believes that women should pursue a man who is financially well off. Lorelai even goes into a big singing number dedicated to why diamond's are a girl's best friend. She's seen wearing a gorgeous bright pink dress and beautiful jewelry! When listening to the song you realize she values financial stability, which is further represented by the the color of the dress because that shade of pink is typically associated with love and the big diamonds hugging her neck and wrists.

 I hope you enjoyed this quick, fun post examing the costume details in film.Can you think of any necklaces or jewely that has played a big role in a film?

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