Remember when you were younger and you didn't mind throwing all your jewelry on at once? When you were young you didn't care if you looked like a fairy princess, in fact, that was the goal. I think it's time we tapped back into the child-like innocence that made fashion fun. 

I'm not telling you to step out dressed in a costume but when you feel like your style is lacking that creativity it once had it might be time to take some tips from your younger self.Looking back on a time where fashion rules didn't matter, stripes and polka dots were fun to look at and wearing bright colors was a personal uniform in itself.

A few tips we've picked up from our younger selves to bring some imagination back into the styling process include:


Youthful by deejaystyles featuring backpacks bags

This is our interpretation of adding the fun youthful elements we were once familiar with. What elements of fashion do you relate to your youth, let me know in the comment section below.

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