Summer is ending and it's time we start giving it a grand ole fairwell. I feel like the best way to celebrate the end of summer is by wearing the best summer outfits you can summon from your closet. Wear them flawlessly, wear them confidently and wear it like you'll never be able to wear it again because if you're like me and live in Michigan the second fall drops your summer outfits will be sent to the closet and sweaters will take over your life.
  In addition to essentially wearing your favorite summer looks we decided to share with you what some of our favorite looks of the summer were from hippie pants to high necklined halter tops, we've got you covered for this trip down memory lane.

End of Summer 1

End of Summer Look 2

End of Summer Look 3

End of Summer Looks 4


Accessories by deejaystyles featuring pendant charms

After taking this brief trip down memory lane, can you think of any summer looks we forgot to add to this list? Leave a comment below if you think we've left out any vital summer trends or tag us in your favorite summer outfit by tagging it #shtedaily on Instagram, tag your own picture and we'll repost it to our page!

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