I was debating in my room about what is the ideal back to school outfit.There's a lot more to the perfect back to  school outfit then looking good. I have a few qualities I always look for in a back to school look such as:

  •  Something you can comfortably move in
  • Something warm enough for a chilly morning but cool enough for a hot evening
  • Casual but not pajamas
  • Comfortable but still suitable enough to be seen in public wearing
  • Expresses yourself without giving them all of your expression(if school is really important to you than ignore this last tip, but I haven't exactly been a fan of school so I like to get dressed up but not too much).
  So what we need for a back to school look is essentially versatile, comfortable and chic! Then it hit me, what's an easily moldable, comfortable chic look that I have in my closet? The midi dress I bought from Boo Hoo!This midi dress is airy, a neutral color, long enough to cover my legs but not swallow me up, and can be accessorized into virtually any look.
  Then I considered doing something a lot more bold but casual with an oversized shirt and this bright wrap skirt. This bright wrap skirt is comfortable and so is the oversized t-shirt, while also expressing my appreciation for red, coral shades...hmm.
Ultimately your back to school look is going to be an original creation composed of qualities of that you deem important,

  What is an ideal back to school look to you? Every has a different interpretation of a back to school look because everyone has a different perception of school.

Some people want to go bold and don't care if their comfortable in the process as long as they walk around on campus in a striking manner.

Bold for Back to School

  There are individuals who want a more edgy dark look for when they go back to school, something that looks strong and interesting.

Back to School 2

Others look for more dainty pieces to express the full strength of their femininity.
Back to School 3

Your back to school is ultimately an expression of you, so mold it in a way that's going to encourage you to do your best in class and feel the most confident as you build your GPA! Let me know in the comment section what you can picture yourself wearing back to school!

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