I'm ready to jump start this season with drama and what's an easy way to add drama to your wardrobe? Accessories! Lets take a little trip down memory lane as we pick out some bold pieces for our fall fashion wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Inspiration

We're going to do some feminine elegance with these long,shiny, crystal embedded earrings. 1950s inspired earrings are all about the drama of diamonds(or pseudo diamonds).These earrings are awesome eye catchers for more soft and sophisticated looks where you wanted to apply some more character.

These 1920s inspired headbands are all about adding that extra touch to your casual looks and when you wake up with a bad hair day. These pieces add that special touch to helping your look appear more put together and polished.

Now for these bold, 80s inspired gloves to keep your hands warm when the fall weather descends into chilliness.Play up your gloves with texture and bold color!
After checking out some style from several timelines, what direction can you see yourself going in with your fall wardrobe? Hopefully my little Shop Style Widget can be of some help below or we can discuss fall wardrobes in the comment section!

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