Adorned by Chi Review

  Adorned by Chi is an accessory shop run by Jacque Amadi.Amadi's shop is full of light-hearted, whimsical pieces such as cat ear headbands,macaron coin purses and epic floral crowns. The second I started looking through Adorned by Chi what I noticed first off is the level of fun put into each well thought out accessory.From the mermaid headbands and this purse that can tell time, your imagination will start to run wild while you're shopping!
  Now you know I LIVE for imaginative pieces that are outside the box, so of course I fell in love with a few  pieces.I purchased a cute little crossbody bag with a spin! My crossbody bag's arrival was nothing less than eventful, I looked into my mail box to find a bright pink package!

The bag has a metallic snap to keep it clasped and secure.The strap to the crossbody bag had a slight sheen that added to the richness of the piece. Inventive, great quality and creative are just a few of the things that carried this bag into my heart.

          The milk carton bag is perfect for having that touch of character to a more simple outfit.It can easily be used as a conversation starter besides adding that adorable factor to even the toughest of outfits. Did I forget to mention that my package came with a complimentary purse charm that looks like a tiny little bottle of magic and a sweet message from the shop owner.My little message read, "You're Special" and indeed I did feel special. Shop owners need to take heed, personalized messages may take more time but they always sweeten the deal!
  If you're looking for some bold, feminine pieces I definitely recommend Adorned by Chi!