Fall Campus Semi-Requirements

The other day I shared with you my conventional fall campus requirements, you know the essentials.My current unconventional campus requirements are as you probably can assume, fashion based, trend worthy and are mostly just aesthetically pleasing.The unconventional fall campus requirements include:

Fall Much?

  • Chunky heeled ankle boots that look like they could of emerged from Scary Spice's closet.
  • Cable knit wine colored sweaters and cardigans so cozy and warm, they can defrost the Grinch's tiny heart.
  • Grey specked turtleneck sweaters that can practically swallow you whole.
  • Every bubblegum, cotton candy, light sky blue, pastel fuzzy sweater you can get your hands on are all requirements!
  • Shearling collared coats with fur so thick it practically puts weight on your shoulders.
  • A box structured tote bag, large enough to hold a small apartment.
  • Wax coated jeans that are giving their best faux leather pants impression.
  • Faux leather embossed gloves that add a lovely touch of  vintage sophistication.
  • Faux fur collars that branch between luxe-fall fashion and rockstar chic.