Last fall I fell victim to being slightly unprepared for the wicked cold that embraced Michigan.I would leave for campus thinking about all the things I wish I had thought to bring with me. The biting chill in the air still haunts me to this day. Learn from my poor mistakes and check out my fall campus requirements.
Fall Campus Requirements

My campus requirements are primarily built around handling the elements.You want to make sure that you are consistently prepared for whatever the unpredictable fall season brings to you.

Something I started doing last fall was doubling up on socks.The extra pair of socks keeps your toes toasty and I like to think it adds a little extra cushion for my feet.Keeping a cozy cardigan and thick scarf is always a good idea when the weather starts off fair in the morning and descends through the day.

Now that we're done discussing the cozy necessities lets talk makeup.Make sure the cosmetics you have on deck are moisturizing or rich when facing the harsher side of the fall elements.I like using a tinted lip balm to protect my lips but also give me a little color, but don't get me wrong I still love a full face makeup look.If you leave with your face done to perfection keep a mist and set spray on hand to refresh the look throughout the day. Outside of the realm of makeup, my favorite accessories below are a lot more conventional then they've been in the past.

A few essential accessories I like to keep are an umbrella and my compact mirror.You heard right, not my oxblood tote, not a red velvet floppy hat but an umbrella and a compact mirror.The wind and rain of fall means you need to see your reflection while you're on the go and a cute, sturdy umbrella will save you from those dreaded sudden rain bursts.

What do you consider a required campus essential?I hope you enjoyed this post because tomorrow I upload my top Fall Unconventional Campus Essentials!

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