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Fashion for Less
Fashion for Less by deejaystyles featuring lightweight leggings

Styles for Less is a trendy, budget friendly shop. My admiration for this shop stems from last winter. I spent last winter, DESPERATELY in need of sweaters and cardigans. Last winter was rough, the air was laced in ice, the streets were caked in snow.Layers were a requirement for surival not a fashionable choice. There I was, in need of appropropriate clothing but had no desire to leave my house and trek out into the icy deathland to go get it.
Looking online for some quality clothing for a decent price, I came across Styles for Less. I purchased at least 3 thick, very different cardigans and about two chunky sweaters that are ridiculously cozy!
My purchases didn't break the bank(I got five items for about 50 dollars), my purchases qualified for free shipping and everything got to me pretty quickly, not to mention the complimentary water bottle!
So as you can imagine after such a good shopping experience, I went back again! This time, I signed up for their free membership where you rack up points so you can redeem them to get cash off. You can build up your points with purchases and following their social media pages( I would suggest checking out their Pinterest, they have some awesome fashion inspiration boards like this one.)
Besides their fashion stuffed social media, their clothes are pretty cute too. Below I have a few pieces that recently caught my eye that I think are perfectly fitted for the fall.
Imagine stepping out in your new cozy, wine colored cardigan and imagine feeling even better about realizing the sweater is only sixteen dollars. The only reason I'm not preping my online cart for a haul  is because I have to save for grown up things like college and winterizing a car, but if you're in a treat yo self season, by all means TREAT YO SELF!


By the way, Styles for Less have an anniversary sale going on, starting at five dollars!I'm holding onto my wallet with an iron grip right now as we speak. I really dig these clothes and I'd love it if you could share a shop that's been on your mind as well in the comment section below!