70s Inspired Guide to Wearing Faux Fur

Seventies fashion was big bold and powerful in its own right. This was the era of short-shorts, high waisted flare jeans, feathered hair, psychadelic pants and experimentation(on style that is).In this time of statement pieces and loud, proud looks a lot of inspiration can be found within this time. We suggest flipping through some vintage magazines or checking out your grandmas highschool yearbook for winter fashion inspiration curtesy of the spectacular seventies.
 Some of the seventies most influentual muses like Barbara Streisand, Dianhann Carroll, Diana Ross, Donna Summer and Debbie Harry knew how to keep their wardrobe in a constant state of wow factors, particularly during the winter.Big fluffy furs of different shapes and colors adorned the backs of these epic queens. Imagine walking the snow covered streets immersed in such bold outer wear surrounded by adoring fans, flashing lights and dripping in glamour. 

How do we channel such Hollywood glamour when we're not born in Hollywood? It's simple really all it takes are a few of these quick tips:

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  1. Don't allow big faux fur pieces to intimidate you. Sure, big faux fur pieces can look all consuming, but you can fall victim to the thickness of your coat.Remind yourself to wear the coat, don't let it wear you.Think of the 70s goddesses before you who helped carry these pieces into fashion history.You must wear the coat with confidence and I know what you're thinking "I'm no celebrity, who am I to wear such a bold piece?" you don't have to be a celebrity to look incredible. Celebrities are human just like you, shake the nerves and stay warm in that thick coat this winter.
  2. Pick out a coat you're comfortable in. Not ever massively big faux fur coat is the same. Look at the coat's lining, make sure it's the right fit and don't be afraid to be picky about material.
  3. The last and final step is to accessorize with the faux fur coat. Your hat, gloves and booties should collaborate with great harmony. When your look collaborates instead of competes, then ou will look and feel complete.

When you take to the stores looking for that majestic piece go in with the knowledge that you are confident and will not be intimidated by bold pieces and you will find some thing specifically perfect for you, and ultimately your look will feel complete when you get pieces that collaborate along with your faux fur pieces.

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