Dripping in diamonds, coated in gold and wrapped in..tinsel?We're currently looking for fashion inspiration from any and all directions this holiday season and decided to steal a little bit of our Christmas tree's swag. While taking in the Christmas tree's glow this season we can't help but notice the acessorizing expertise. Just like the Christmas tree is draped in strategically placed ornaments, we will be draped in strategically placed jewelry starting with the hand chain.
    The hand chain is a great piece that brings attention to one's new manicure.Depending on the style of the hand chain, this accessory can be the perfect dose of drama or edginess to any minimalist look. Personally, I like the hand chain because it reminds me of something you'd see a queen wear, where she's so rich she has diamonds for her fingers,hands,shoulders and even in her hair, but I digress.Enough of me talking about my queen lifestyle fantasies and onto the hand chains below:

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