Hello beautiful people, I'm back with a new quirk alert spotlight! As you all know I love fun accessories. Anything that's a conversation starter or is bold enough to inject a look with some personality is always winning in my book. Often we get caught up in the age old rule of our accessories Life is too short to stay pinned down by someone else's style rules and this is our way of inviting a new perspective on what you choose.

quirk alert part 2 billion

quirk alert part 2 billion by deejaystyles featuring party bags

Youthful excitement is what you could call the theme for today's choices. Many of the pieces look like something we've drawn in our school notebook during a less than entertaining lecture, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. These oddly shaped characters are what makes fashion more light hearted. You don't have to slay with the fierceness of 1000 divas everyday, sometimes you can be whimsical and playful.
What do you think, should personal style be taken seriously all the time or is there room to experiment and have fun? By the way if you're loving that milk carton bag there's a dupe you can find here from Adorned by Chi(my latest shop obsession!) You can check out my Adorned by Chi review here. .Leave a comment below!

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