It's time we get some things cleared up about fall fashion. We all know the classic fall fashion trends but in our pursuit of something fresh, we're presented with new questions. How many sweaters are too many sweaters, is there a such thing as a burgundy overload? When will we get bored with plaid? Fear not loves, we've got a fall fashion playlist chock full of fun style, new fashion perspectives all of which are fall and winter appropriate.
  You can check out the full playlist here, but we want to show you a few individual video faves below:

  Amy of Vagabond Youth shares with us the ideal, casual fall uniform. Sleek, edgy and warm we decided that our next seasonal shopping run, we're gonna give Amy a call or at least watch this video again. A few things we learned from Amy's looks include:
  • Cowl neck sweaters serve casual chic.
  • Mustard to honey rod shades add warmth to your fall outfits.
  • Shearling coats are an easy way to look cool.
  • Don't be afraid to mix your denim shades and layer them up this season!

Lisa of Lisa A La Mode is serving fierceness for three different occasions with monochromatic accents that we're obsessed with. A few tihngs we pulled from this lookbook is:
  • Monochromatic plaid shirts are virtually the most versatile shirt known to man kind.
  • Fringe heels can work for multiple occasions and times, they are the chameleons of the statement shoe family.
  • A statement clutch or bag is essential for making a look pop.

    Jayla of  the Glamaholic YouTube channel served so much diversity in her looks and style that we pulled away a lot of new fashion ideas and information from this fierce vid!

  • Long scarves are great layering tools to help in keeping you warm and making a statement,
  • Monochrome outfits don't always mean black and white, sometimes it's all about keeping a one color theme, like Jayla's all berry look above.
  • Olive and army green mingle with gold accents like a dream!
  • Get inspired by 70s trends to incorporate into your fall looks like flared jeans and dramatic faux fur vests!

      Are you inspired for all the fall and winter fashion that'll take to the streets this year? I love imagining all the new and different interpretations that will come to life this season and I'd love to see what you guys come up with, tag your fall fashion looks as #shtedaily to be reposted on our page!

Can't get enough of our fall/winter fashion obsessions? Check out our wishlist below!

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