BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette

      The BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette is full of fun colors in a nice range of bright oranges,dark reds, aquamarine blue and an interesting earth tone I'm going to have to play with.Before I go any further into this review I have to be honest about something...half the reason I bought this palette was based on packaging- alone! I'm such a sucker for cute packaging, ugh it will be the death of my bank account. Seriously look at how bright this palette is, half the time I just catch myself looking at it, decorating my little DIY vanity.

   Now back to the review at hand, I would say the pigmentation on this palette is really spot on.This palette is so full of shimmer my arm is still glistening long after I've scrubbed off the swatches from earlier.There's hardly any fall out, and it actually stayed on my greasy eyelids.

 I would say for my chocolate brown girls(like myself) I'd suggest using a white or cream base to get the full effect but besides that this is a pretty awesome palette especially with the price, it's currently 11 dollars on Amazon here with 5 dollar shipping or you could buy in on BH Cosmetics website for 8 dollars with 7.95 shipping here.
  Here are a few swatches below:

     Featured on my arm are colors Sun,Jupiter,Prometheus, Aprhodite,Milky Way,Cosmic(my favorite),Saturn,Venus,Meteor,Comet, Earth and Neptune.

Above are shades Mercury,Mars,Asteroid,Electra,Moon and Pluto.
I would say this palette is great the girl who loves her daily shimmer, or someone who wants to venture into more bolder shades but not quite ready to go off the deep end. I'd definitely wear a few of these shades out, specifically Cosmic or Mercury for a bold eye look. Have you guys purchased any new eye shadow palettes lately, which ones are you obsessed with let us know in the comments below.