How to Make the T-Shirt New Year's Eve Ready


     New Year's Eve parties are a great excuse to walk around looking like a disco ball.It's the end of the year and in the wise words of E-40 "go hard or go home" it's time to take out those bold statement necklaces and dig up that bright eyeshadow palette. Be daring for the last hurrah of the year!Now for some of us, the idea of getting bedazzled for a night on the town isn't exactly considered fun.Some of us want to go into the new year a lot more relaxed.It doesn't get much more relaxed than a well-worn t-shirt.

  When deciding on a casual luxe look, it's all about a balance. You have to take in account the fit of the t-shirt and what style it has. If the shirt has a bold graphic on it, you can play that up by adding texture to the look, like the two looks we have below.

casual for the holidays

Band-Tee Transformation

Band-Tee Transformation by deejaystyles featuring pointed-toe pumps

If you want to wear a simple t-shirt with no graphics then you're essentially given a blank canvas.You can layer a simple t-shirt tons of necklaces, outerwear and virtually any color. The simple t-shirt is excellent in malleability, it can be molded anyway you'd like. You can shop our simple celebration look below!

          How do you plan on celebrating the new year, setting any goals, partying your heart out? We want to know what's up in the comment section below!