The drawstring top appeared briefly in the 70s, came back hard in the 90s and is slowly creeping up on us in 2015(soon to be 2016).What is it with this top that makes it so trendy, is it the vintage appeal,the peek-a-boo cleavage or is it this photo of Bruce Lee wearing one and looking like a boss?

After acknowledging some of the reasoning behind why this top gets so much love, we decided to experiment with the look.

I've seen these tops styled with more warm toned accessories when the top is a blush or cream tone.I think that depending on the color, that's what determines the kind of aesthetic it's associated with.The grey top below inspired me to work with more cool tones and make the look more monotone in color scheme, but also playing with more of the texture of the outfit 
lace up
lace up by deejaystyles featuring thick heel booties

How would you style this lace up top?Would you pull more of a Bruce Lee-look or something a bit more sweet? Leave a comment below and let me know if you have any style tips for this shirt?
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