The Glow:My Favorite Gold Highlighters

     Highlighters may have very well taken over the makeup world as far as trends. There have been entire kits designed around getting that perfect glow, like the Colour Pop Strobe Kit and the Smashbox Mega-Watt Highlighting Kit. I won't deny it, I fell prey to the glow and I have no desire to be set free.
     A good highlighter can make the skin look healthier and give it a sun-kissed look with a few dabs of a highlighting cream or powder.A few of my favorite highlighers are the ones that do the job without making my go bankrupt.Each of these highlighters below are under 10 dollars and all have their own special qualities.

       The first highlighter is 10 dollars right on the spot from City Color Cosmetics(add in the 25% off coupon code, CC2016 to shave off the price, especially considering how much product you get in the palette.This palette has a nice range of colors and is buildable. On my deep skin tone all it takes is a few extra strokes to get more intense color, but frankly I get enough pigmentation off of one.


     The second highlighter is a little known thing from a website called Shop Miss A, it's like a beauty supply and everything costs a dollar, and I mean EVERYTHING.The name of this highlighter is Klean Color Tanned Rawr and it's a Shimmer Bronzer.This highlighter is more bronzer than shimmer which I like.I can appreciate a more subdued highlight and with my deep skin tone, it comes as more of a shimmery finishing powder, so it's great if I want more natural look.


        Now for the last of my highlighter picks if you wanted something a lot more powerful and glittery, I would suggest these highlighters from Makeup Revolution.These highlighters have a lot more glitter to them and sheen!Besides the quality of these highlighters the packaging sold me most of all.Ugh, it's so cute and dainty, sometimes I keep them out to decorate my room.Makeup that doubles as room decor is always a win!

    Leave a comment below if you'd like to see some swatches, you guys know my new favorite thing is sharing my latest makeup obsessions with you. By the way, we have a few highlighters available to buy below that I like to think are reasonably priced below 20 dollars a piece!


  1. uugghhh i am such a highlighting junkie lol!!! so yea i can admit that the struggle is indeed real :-) will definitely try some of your suggestions out :-)

    1. thank you AND I really need to get a handle on this highlighter obsession, but I've yet to find the perfect one *le sigh*


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