Bold lipsticks can be a little scary, especially if you're an old school "my lip gloss is poppin" kind of girl(we don't judge).It doesn't hurt to branch outside of your comfort zone, especially if it's only for a dollar..., yes a dollar. I recently purchased quite a few lippies from Klean Kolor on Shop Miss A, and decided I'd try out these matte lipsticks. I purchased one black and one grey and instantly felt a wave of bad assness overtake me.

Quanity of Product: The lipsticks are about the size of the standard lippie, it might be a tiny bit bigger than a NYX matte lipstick.
Texture:The texture is semi-creamy and thick.These lipsticks aren't drying but they definitely aren't that moisturizing, these lipsticks definitely lean more towards the matte side.
Finish: These lipsticks have a strictly matte finish but a chapstick underneath will definitely add sheen.
Pigmentation: These lipsticks are hella pigmented especially considering the price.These lipsticks leave a bit of a stain after taking them off as well, the color is strong in this one.
Packaging: The packaging iss black and pretty simple.There's a tiny window between the top and where it closes that lets you see what color it is.I like that the inside of the lipstick matches the lipstick color, it's aesthetically pleasing for some reason.
Smell: There's a slight fragrance that kind of reminds me of cherry candy, but it's not a loud smell.

   Part of what made me so ecstatic for these lipsticks as you know is the price, they are a *drum roll* dollar a piece.That's right, one dollar for matte, pigmented lipsticks which you can pick up at Shop Miss A for 3.95 US flat rate shipping!Let me know in the comment section if you'd ever wear a super bold lippie like this black and grey situation!

You can purchase the whole set of dark lippies here, KLEAN COLOR MADLY MATTE SET


  1. Okay, I was really not expecting them to be that pigmented!! I def wanna give the grey one a try. I'm always wearing grey so I might as well put it on my lips lol :D

    1. I know right!It doesn't hurt to just try them out for a buck. I want to try them with different liners, I think it has the makings for a really great ombre lip


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