While running a few errands I saw these little compact blushes out of the corner of my eye.Stashed away in the clearance section between some hair ties and a store brand facial cream is where these tiny treasures lied.I knew I had to review these blushes immediately, it was practically fate that I ran into them.

    My favorite kinds of blushes are the deep berry to plum range, there's something sexy and romantic about wine toned makeup, especially something as subtle as a blush.Those subtle to dramatic accents can take your makeup look to the next level which is what I plan to do with these blushes.

   Now it's time to get into the nitty gritty of this review!

  • Quantity of Product: The blushes are just slightly larger than a standard eyeshadow pot.
  • Texture: The blushes are definitely powdery and go on smooth.
  • The Finish: The finish has a tiny sparkle, but it's 99% matte.
  • Packaging: The packaging is cheap plastic to be frank, the packaging doesn't really excite me but the product itself is pretty much winning.
  • Pigmentation: I like the pigmentation of the blushes, the color is pretty strong but it's certainly buildable.The blushes actually last a fair amount of time, the swatches have currently stained my wrist...right now...as we speak.

These blushes are really growing on me.I believe the toasted almond will look great in the summer and spring with a nice highlight, when we're doing semi-dewy looks.The warm berry shade is something I can see myself wearing religiously in the colder seasons, especially since it's matte, therefore, there will be no heat threatening the matte texture of my look.

If you're a warm toned blush fanatic like me, I'd suggest giving these blushes a try.By the way feel free to check out the blushes below that have also caught my eye! Have you bought any new makeup lately, let me know in the comment section below!

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