I have a confession to make. I think about it all the time, that shade of lipstick that always escapes me. Everytime I witness a new brown lipstick or brown liquid lipstick get launched and then abruptly sold out in minutes, I feel my heart sink. You see for a brown skin girl, such as myself, you see a lot of brands trying to sell nude lipsticks to you. These nude lipsticks would probably be nude on my fairer skinned sisters, but it's pink and or beige on me. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind peachy, pink and lighter shades of lipstick but sometimes I want a nude that's actually going to be nude on me, one that I don't have to line with brown lipliner first and then blend to the gawds.
    I want a nude, that's going to look nude on this deep brown skin which means I need a deep brown lipstick. In light of the 90s revitalization, every brown lippie has been seemingly ripped from my dreams (or it costs too damn much, can a broke college student get some sympathy?). Not all is lost though my loves, today I bring to you a master list of brown lippies!Each image below and I mean EACH AND EVERY PICTURE, is clickable and will take you to your shopping destination because I know that online shopping bug bites hard especially in light of bad winter weather... #winterstormjonas.

 NYX Sparkling Chestnut 5.99

These lipsticks have a wide range of finishes and textures from stains, mattes and creamy sheens but I know they're all in the same brownie family. I hope this post helps you in your pursuit of finding the perfect brown lipstick, let me know which one you decided on by tweeting me @shehastheeye or leave a comment below of some brown lipsticks you'd recommend. By the way, our dear YouTube love Monica Style Muse recently came out with a video dedicated to nude lipsticks for dark skinned girls, feel free to check her out below! By the way, did I mention every photo above is clickable? Yea, your girl was looking out!

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