City Color Cosmetics is currently on the come up and I can't wait to witness their glow up! This year was the first time I really started  purchasing their products and I couldn't be more pleased. As you guys know I rate my product reviews on the basis of the quantity of product, the packaging,pigmentation and how to blends.

  • Quantity of Product: You get a fair amount of product in each quad.The quads are a nice size but not Morphe 350 Palette massive.You'd be able to fit the quad in a larger purse but I wouldn't necessarily leave with it in my makeup bag because it would take up a lot of room. These quads are a happy medium as far as size.
  • Texture: The texture is semi-creamy, semi-powdery...allow me to explain.If you're trying to pick up some product on the brush it will come off powdery, but then when you begin to blend it in the texture warms up into a cream-esque texture.
  • Packaging: The packaging is minimalist with a simple black and white design.The case the quads come in are sturdy and sometimes hard to open(almost broke a nail opening them the first time).
  • Pigmentation: The color pigmentation is crazy on these quads! One simple swatch and I received a lot of color so I would say go in with a light hand and build it up to how much you want.You definitely don't have to launch clean off into picking up a lot of product on your brush.You could also add the blushes using your finger for more precise coverage due to it's semi-cream texture.Also there's a slight shimmer to each of these blushes but it's not overwhelming.

   These blush palettes are my new obsession and I'm patiently waiting for them to drop a vampy blush palette! Can you imagine a quad full of mauve,berry,plum and red blushes...I'm sorry, I just fainted at the idea. Let me know in the comment section any new makeup brands you tried out last year and if you plan on trying any this year, you guys know I'm nosy and I want to know!

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