Glamour Dolls Makeup Review

        Glamour Dolls Makeup caught my attention for one reason and one reason only...THE PRICE! The price of these cute lipsticks are 2.99 for the Lip Creams and 4.99 for the Jersey Doll lipsticks. I love finding affordable lipsticks like these because I truly don't believe beauty should break the bank. In addition to the budget friendly price, you get free shipping after you spend 20 dollars. If each lipstick is 2.99 (rounded up that's 3 dollars), you can grab about 7 lipsticks with free shipping or if you want to stock up on the Jersey Doll lippies which are about 5 dollars you can grab 4 for 20 dollars. If  you enjoy these affordable beauty reviews, let me know in the comment section below.Now lets get to the review below!

  • Quantity of Product: The lipsticks are just somewhat bigger than the standard chapstick. I'd say these lippies are around the size of the NYX matte lipsticks.
  • Texture: These lipsticks are definitely true to the name Lip Cream, they apply smoothly and you can tell they're pretty moisturizing. Honestly, these lipsticks almost feel like there's nothing there. I love that these lippies are so light on the lips and comfortable.
  • The Finish:The lippies are said to be semi-matte on the website which is very true. The more lipstick you apply the more opaque they become. I applied a few layers of this lipstick and they didn't get cakey or anything, they remained comfortable.
  • Packaging: The packaging is cute, I like the font and simple design of the lipstick.I ADORE the gold casing on the Jersey Doll lipstick. The Jersey Doll case is bold and a clear sign of good branding because it doesn't get more bold than a fabulous Jersey Doll, now does it?
  • Smell: These lipsticks have a sweet smell, but it's not overwhelming.

   If you want a cute, semi-matte lippie that's moisturizing and also animal cruelty free I'd suggest checking out Glamour Dolls Makeup, I'd say these lipsticks are in the same league as Wet n Wild. Do you feel beauty should be budget friendly or is it meant to be a high cost luxury? Let me know in the comment section below.

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