JCat Beauty Hydrating Lipitude Review

I love doing reviews and checking out lesser known brands as you guys probably know by now. JCat Beauty is an affordable makeup brand that serves a little bit of everything! You can see eyeshadows, lipsticks from cream to matte, lipliners and more on jcatbeauty.com, now lets get into the review! I wanted to try out these lipstains for one reason and one reason only, they're HYDRATING or so I've been told. I've never tried a hydrating lipstain before, every other lipstain I've tried has been a bit drying in one way or another so something that won't leave my lips like sandpaper and simply leave them stained like it's SUPPOSED TO, is a win in my book. 

Quantity of Product: This bottle is small, the top and applicator is almost bigger than the bottle of product itself.
Packaging: I like the packaging, it's monochromatic and has a fun font. The applicator is pretty big, it takes up majority of the size of the product.
Pigmentation : These lippies are very pigmented, there's no lack of color here. I would say that the color outside the bottle is a little misleading from what's inside as the product is brighter on the lips versus in the bottle.
Finish: The finish is shiny but not oily, there's an obvious sheen but it's far from your standard lip gloss.
Texture: The texture is light and oddly refreshing on the lips, there's a little cooling sensation...I like it.The texture is a little thick which is a lip lacquer-esque quality, I don't mind. In addition, the lippie isn't sticky but there's a little hug on the lips I actually like because I hate products that slip and slide all over the lips. The product is definitely not a 24 hour lipstain, and doesn't pass the sip test at all, but I will say as it rubs off through the day it doesn't leave your lips super dry and there's a bit of faint color still prevalent on your lips.
Smell : Mint, there's a minty smell and it definitely doesn't bother me because I'm a mint fan. If you don't like mint or anything in that family, you probably won't like it. 

   All in all this lipstain does exactly what it was meant to do, it stains the lips and it's hydrating, but if you're looking for something that's going to have a super strong hold you're looking in the wrong place. This lip product reminds me of a lipstain balm, moisturizing and leaves behind the color but this product doesn't run all over as much as a balm would. I'd give it a B+ due to pigmentation, packaging and I like the smell.
   I think I'm going to purchase another of these named Fantasy Dreamer, it's so dark and lovely you can check it out at this link, JCat Beauty Lipitude Fantasy Dreamer. If you'd like to purchase a few of these, they are 5.99 each at jcatbeauty.com, OR you can have your selection of three for 14.97 with FREE SHIPPING with this lovely little eBay seller, here JCat Beauty Deal! Let me know in the comment section below what your experience with lipstains has been.