LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint

    Guys...I think this year, will be THEE year, of the poppin lip gloss. I know everyone is obsessed with matte lipstick, I am too but there's something about a moisturizing lip gloss that gets me every time! When I was younger the only lip gloss I was allowed to wear was tinted and even then it couldn't have to much pigmentation. When I got old enough to wear makeup I skipped past the lip paints and liquid lip glaze products and went straight for matte lipsticks of all shades! Sheer lip products was something 5th grade me was into, not college-aged me.Yet, here I am doing a review of a lip gloss, that has quickly become one of my favorite lip products, how did that happen?
    Perhaps it was the launch of the Too Faced's Melted lipstick line that has made me appreciate a glossy tint, maybe it's because the cold, dry air of winter has me reaching for chapstick and bottles of water every two seconds...For whatever reason, these lip glosses have been ressurected, my love for the gloss is reigning true and I can only imagine where my growing collection will be when spring and summer resurfaces.

  Now that I'm done explaining my affair with gloss, lets get to the review!

Quantity: There's a decent enough amount in each squeeze, the lip gloss is about the same size as a lip gloss from Bath and Body Works but a bit larger, so you're definitely getting enough product for your money(these cost 3 dollars on

Packaging: The packaging is adorable, I like the cursive font, very feminine. Each Lip Paint comes in the color of the actual lip glaze so what you see is pretty much what you get This is a standard tube of lip gloss, nothing too special but nothing cheaply made either.The top is a squeeze top, shaped to contour to the lip, but with lip products like these I would suggest using a lip brush for more precise application.

Pigmentation: This lip gloss is as pigmented as a lip gloss can get.One squeeze is all that's really necessary to get out the color, every time the light catches it you're getting gloss and color.If these lip paints were anymore pigmented they would be lip laquers.

Smell: There's a minty smell, but it's not strong and actually kind of pleasant.

Finish: The finish of these lippies are smooth and moisturizing, my lips actually kind of soft after using it.If you decided to build the lip gloss up, then it will have some movement on the lips but it's a lip gloss so that's to be expected if you put a lot of it on. The formula isn't sticky at all, and spread easily across the lips.

   Would I purchase more of these lippies...YES! I'm actually on right now looking for a nice choclatey brown one that can go over one of my brown lip liners for a gloss, 90s look. Leave a comment below if you think lip gloss and lip glazes are coming back in 2016.