We're going to do a little battle of the brands today. I recently came to terms with the fact that some of my lipsticks are practically dupes of each other! I've been doing some dupe swatches on my instagram, She Has the Eye,  and decided to share.Today we're investigating the deep plum shades of NYX's High Voltage Dahlia and Ruby Kisses Matte Dark Plum.

The obvious difference between these two lippies is the finish and NYX's Dahlia is a bit lighter than Ruby Kisses Dark Plum. Both of these lipsticks have their own individual pros and cons such as:

  • The lipstick is fairly moisturizing  on the lips. 
  • The formula is fairly light on the lips.
  • The lipstick is fairly pigmented. 
  • Dahlia runs around on the lips a bit. 
  • Some streakiness occured during the application.
  • This lipstick has great pigmentation.
  • The lipstick isn't as drying as a lot of other matte formulas. 
  • The color is truly opaque, no streakiness at all, one layer was all it took.
  • It costs 2.99.
  • The lipstick isn't very long lasting.

My personal fave is Ruby Kisses Dark Plum because I prefer dark lipsticks to be matte and I love the price! Dahlia does have its benefits even though it could stand to have a thicker formula. I love using Dahlia for ombre lip looks because I like how easy it is to blend it with my lipliner. Ultimately, I'm going to let you guys determine which lippie you think should win in this showdown, in the comment section below!

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