Pantone's Color of the Year is Taking Over My Life

Pantone's color of the year included Rose Quartz and Serenity and I've never felt more rich and calm. I love these soft shades. I just want to wrap up in a cotton candy oversized duster coat and melt into a peaceful puddle. In my pursuit of finding my happy place, I decided to share with you my Color of the Year inspired wishlist below:

Pantone must have spring on the brain when they created this color choice for the year but I'm not mad. If you took a look through my wardrobe you would find a lot of dark neutrals and cranberry colored clothing so these lighter shades are a welcomed change.Sometimes trends are just popularized elements that come and go, and other times that can be the thing that starts a massive change. Have any trends every changed the way you perceive your personal style? By the way feel free to check out the widget above, it's also shoppable so you can click straight through to shop!